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People and Dolls

This menu section contains anything with people and anything fictional that resembles human figures such as snowmen and angels. You may find the family tree charts to be most useful in teaching children about their heritage.

Every Day People

Toys and Dolls

This eclectic collection includes a variety of topics with people and activities we take part in and enjoy.  Sharing the Buffalo Soldier on a horse image can introduce a good opportunity to teach about the African American contributions to the U.S. Cavalry.   The sight-impaired man with cane may spark conversations about handicaps and treatment of disabled people.

Angels, snowmen and bean bag dolls are human in appearance (sort of) so that is the reason they are listed here. 
Children enjoy helping decorate for the holidays, special occasions and every day arts and craft activities. Print and color with Magi Markers, crayons or colored pencil. Print on shrink art material to make fun and colorful ornaments for the holiday tree, spruce up the drab and dreary office cubicle, add pizzazz to window panes with pretty paper hanging ornaments.